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Hanson By the Bay

Geez, I haven't been here in a while!  I am home for a couple days between concerts.  Last night was the San Francisco show.  Incredible.  Check out the great review in the Examiner. Hanson boys have it all

Here is a scan of the picture that was in the paper


Oh my goodness!!  San Francisco and LA concerts both sold out in like nanoseconds!  

Hanson will be on TRL Friday, July 11, 2000.  Let's make sure they are number one!!!!!


The Warfield.  Another awesome venue!  It will be way hard to get tickets for this, but it will be very cool to see Hanson play there!  Whenever I drive by the Warfield, It always makes me think how I used to be able to tell when the Grateful Dead were playing there because of the lines.  And now, of course I always smile remembering the night last summer when about 10 of my friends and I saw Jonny Lang there and the fun we had before, during, and after the concert!

News is coming soon on special seating for Hanson.Net and MOE members.

............I sure wish my MOE would hurry up and get here!