Where yesterday meets today; and together, they look toward tomorrow.

The older you are, the more music you've heard; The easier to identify "good" music. Hanson's music is not "good", it's amazing.  Please do not tell me I am too old to listen to   Hanson.    

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Hanson and Bob Weir  Feb, 1999

The appeal of Hanson's music spans generations.


Hanson, Bob Weir, and Rob Wasserman.  The Wetlands  February, 1999

Music Is The Universal Language.   


                        Hanson & Hansen    :0)                  

"The beauty of art, be it music, sculpture, painting, is that the consumer, the viewer takes it in, incorporates his/her feeling, emotions, and personal history, and makes it his own. The creator of the artform has perhaps one interpretation, but what the consumer ultimately takes from it is based on personal circumstances, background and time in space. And if the artist is successful, then the consumer will walk away moved, and moved in a very personal way."                                                                                           My very wise, and very dear friend Ellen                          

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        Hanson and Jonny Lang                          Jonny Lang guests on "THIS TIME AROUND"

                                                                                                      Music Is Ageless.


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Hanson and John Popper                                              John Popper guests on "THIS TIME AROUND"

Music Has No Boundries